shahana goswami
adult sheetal

Shahana Goswami is an actress who started her career in the Indian film industry and continued to work in a number of international projects like Midnight's Children, Vara - A Blessing, Force of Destiny and Under Construction. She has won a number of awards for her acting both in India and at international festivals. Currently based in Paris, Shahana is exploring writing and directing films and is beginning to make headway in the French industry as an actress as well. 


sanjay rajoura
sheetal’s father

Sanjay Rajoura is a political satirist/commentator, co founder of the political/musical/satirical show Aisi Taisi Democracy. He writes on science, politics, gender and humour.


daquane cherry

Raised in southern hospitality with a city mentality, DaQuane has always been the kid who stood out. Growing up he did not know any other way to express it other than the arts. Whether he is on camera portraying someone else or taking a blank canvas and creating a sense of reality he finds a common ground, passion.

Raveena Gupta Headshot.jpeg

raveena gupta
homeless woman

Raveena is an actor, singer and model. Before pursuing a career in the arts, Raveena spent 2 years at Deutsche Bank where she traded exotic equity derivatives, with a focus on dispersion. She continues to be an avid observer of the stock market when she is not spending time with her puppy Remy.

Raveena graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in Economics and Theater. She is passionate about the interconnectivity of arts and finance. At Dartmouth, her thesis analyzed the Econometrics of Hollywood, using the Kardashian family as a case study. As a model she has worked with multiple international brands, including Milady, CMAD, Blonde and Co., and Frooti. Raveena is deeply proud and humbled to be part of ‘The Seal’ and hopes to continue telling stories dealing with mental illness from the female gaze.

Keep up with her on IG @cestlaraveena for her latest projects. 


tanisha anand
little sheetal

Tanisha is a happy child and enjoys practicing various forms of arts. She is passionate about acting, modeling, dancing and singing.  She is also a social activist and supports the cause Educate Girls.  She is fond of pets and loves traveling with her family.

Tanisha is the title winner of Young Leaders Award 2018 held in Chennai. She has also participated in the biggest Child Safety Awareness Drive held in February 2019 in Chennai, which created a Guinness Record and entered in Asia Book of Records.